Hyper Cool

Hyper Cool is a product from German Aerospace research and is developed to accelerate the temperature (energy) transfer from the combustion chamber to the cooling system, – the radiator (heat–exchanger). Even the water have problem to move — the Hyper Cool create an effect to transfer the heat by infrared transfer. This effect additionally and surely protect the engine against eventual and (or) suddenly head jam and stop of heat transfer. The Hyper Cool protects the engine against overheating in extreme situation, like traffic jam or to hot weather. Additionally the Hyper Cool recovers the water pipe from inside and secures the radiator function. The Hyper Cool is absolutely MUST for a hot countries and cities with heavy car traffic.

Benefits of Hyper Cool:

  1. A car that has not sufficient cooling power by extreme exposure to racing or racing.
  2. Cars that operate in extremely hot climates.
  3. Cars with strong cooling power, and overheating of the radiator.
  4. Last year's car, which has slowed the cooling capacity.
  5. Loyal luxury cars that are more faithful in service and improved ease of maintenance need.

How to use Hyper Cool:

  1. Remove/open your cars/ bikes radiator cap.
  2. Then spray or click several times into the radiator.
  3. Close the radiator cap.
***The costing are for Bangladesh only. For outside of Bangladesh there will be additional charge.

Old Price: $47.00

Price: $39.00

You save: $8.00

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