Magic water

 Magic Water is an innovation which is a result of 20 years of research and development of German Automobile Technology. With the use of Magic Water old automobile batteries can be rejuvenated by giving them longer life span. Magic Water rejuvenates batteries by desolating the Lead Sulfate (PbSO4) which coats the plates and makes it difficult to conduct electricity.  This means more active material at battery’s electrodes and which will give you longer battery life span, higher efficiency, less fuel/gas consumption (15%-19%) and more engine power.

Benefits of Magic Water:

  1. Increases Engine Power.
  2. Increases RPM (Race).
  3. Increases Battery Power.
  4. Fastest Battery charging.
  5. Less Fuel/Gas Consumption. (conditions apply)
  6. Easy Engine Start.
  7. Longer Battery Life Span.

How to use Magic Water:

  1. Open/Remove all battery caps.
  2. Use full bottle of Magic Water for each battery at a time. In each battery hole you have to click equally (like spray). For example: if you spray 12 times in a hole then you have to spray the same amount in each hole of the battery. By equal pressing you have to use the whole bottle of Magic Water at a time.
  3. Close the caps and clean the surface of the battery.
  4. Make sure that you have closed all caps & cleaned your battery.
  5. Rest your car/motorbike for 2 hour.
  6. Drive and feel engine power.
***For your car and motorbikes you will need one Magic Water and its one time use only for each battery until the battery life span. 


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