MagicWater is an innovation which is a result of 20 years of research and development of German Automobile Technology. With the use of MagicWater old automobile batteries can be rejuvenated by giving them longer life span. MagicWater rejuvenates batteries by desolating the Lead Sulfate (PbSO4) which coats the plates and makes it difficult to conduct electricity.  This means more active material at battery’s electrodes and which will give you longer battery life span, higher efficiency, less fuel/gas consumption (15%-19%) and more engine power.

Benefits of MagicWater Concept|Technology

  1. Increases Engine Power. By reducing harmful exhaust. MAKE YOUR DRIVE GREEN!
  2. Increases RPM (better fuel output).
  3. Increases Battery Power. Make your Hi-Fi system sound like an high-end one.
  4. Fastest Battery charging.
  5. Less Fuel/Gas Consumption.
  6. Easy Engine Start. No problems by cold weather starting!
  7. Longer Battery Life Span (up to 5 times higher).

How to use MagicWater Concept to start your own business:

We offering here to start your own business by using our know-how and technological advantage, a FRANCHISE-like, just you don't need to pay any franchisíng fees. Just purchase one lot of the product and get your business to grow - a simple but effective concept lets you earn up to 70% return on investment. You just use one of existing shop(s) your own, or rent, - even a coffee shop may start profiting from our know-how.
We measure our "LOT" with the quantity of the cars, you are capable to tune with the provided technology & simple product.
To explain the business in detail, please respond by email or a call, we consult you and tune your mind, how to get income from this technique.


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Price: from $11,777.00

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