Процесс STORM' ZERO PowerCoding очистка двигателя
NET ZERO designed to prolong engine life.

In the production process of new engines, during and after metalworking, up to 100 grams of shavings and small particles remain, which are not removed later by washing the engine. It is these residues that are the cause of engine wear in the first hours of operation after "birth". And even if the owner thinks that he is buying a new car and he does not need to do anything, then this is his main mistake. So, for example, here is the result of using ZERO after the first 400 kilometers of the new Toyota Camry (which is famous for its exceptional cleanliness, accuracy of work). A special process was developed by Storm's laboratory to remove the remnants of production from the engine of an already assembled and sold brand new car.

If these "residues" are not removed, then they are the main factor and cause of engine wear during subsequent operation. So, for example, the Storm Laboratory was able to detect these remnants in the same amount as after the start of operation, after running 170 thousand kilometers. Based on this, the application of the ZERO process is a prerequisite immediately after buying a new car (so that manufacturers or dealers do not tell there - they are interested in selling a new car as soon as possible, and already sold as soon as possible go to the repair and dump).

The NET ZERO process is designed in such a way that the car owner himself can apply without difficulty and without the car manufacturer knowing or discovering anything and this will not affect the warranty in any way.

NET ZERO is used on any engine of any manufacturer with any mileage.

The application of the NET ZERO process is extremely simple and practical, it can be done by the car owner himself, it is not necessary to have special skills.

The ZERO effect does not disappear over the entire mileage of the engine. But it is recommended to use it in conjunction with the PowerCoding process (which is optional). The way during engine operation - within 30-40 thousand kilometers, the remnants of unburned fuel accumulate inside the engine, it is recommended to repeat the lightweight version of ZERO. Instructions for use are supplied upon order.

How to use NET ZERO:

  1. Remove/open your cars/bikes engine oil filler cap.
  2. Stir with 100-200 ml of oil and add to engine.
  3. Close the oil filler cap. Drive 100 km and change oil.
***The costing are for Bangladesh only. For outside of Bangladesh there will be additional charge.
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