For all batteries

  • reduce fuel consumption in cars & motorbikes – upto 15%
  • improve engine power – upto 10%
  • make clear hi–fi sound
  • cooler aircon
  • much brighter spotlight
  • better PICK–UP
  • less lead waste!



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    save petrol
    MagicWater – A STORM’s LAB. PRODUCT


    Magic Water service centre
    Magic Water — our branded service centre!

    For any kind of inquiries regarding the franchising of the MagicWater servicing concept please contact us by email:
    or write to our German team STORM‘s Labs., (c/o LANDWEHR), Sudetenstr. 121, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany

    For direct supply by parcel, courier or specific post please talk with us by SKYPE/eMAIL :