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    engine overheating


    save petrol Tuning the Fuel:Air Ratio

      ... more gas mileage...?

    From the factory, most vehicles (like: BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, VW, Toyota and mostly Japanese brands ) are pre-set to 14.3 to 14.7 parts air to one part fuel (but physically it is known, that one part of fuel need 20 to 24 parts of Oxygen, not the air, that means that for the optimal combustion the fuel/air ratio must much higher!). While is this 14/1 air to fuel a fine ratio for emissions...? For sure NOT! the best ratio for fuel economy is significantly higher. Technically speaking, the higher the A/F ratio the better your fuel mileage, but most cars can only handle about 16:1 before overheating or engine damage as follow. The optimal ratio is 24++ parts of air (at least) to 1 part of the fuels like gasoline (petrol), ¬ for diesel even higher!

    What that's means in English:
    Every car from factory pre-set to burn the fuels with NOT enough oxygen or with other words: by driving your car you simple trow over 40 to 60% of the fuel as unburned exhaust into the neighborhood and pollute the environment. This "Exhaust" costs cancer, asthma by kids, Children´s Leukemia, skin diseases and serious environmental damage for all of us!

    However, even at 16:1 you´re looking at 11 percent-less fuel injected than at 14:1 ( 24:1 ¬ even 40%). Fuel mileage increases should be about linear to the change in Air to Fuel ratio. Every car might tolerate a higher Air to Fuel ratio, but officially it means "proceed with caution."

    Why "proceed with caution."
    Actually there is a big question, why this "caution." Technically it is possible and even SECURE possible to increase the ratio to 24:1 without any engine overheating. We by STORM´s offer such a solution with the combination of two technologies: PowerCodeTM ± HyperCoolTM, or PowerCodingTM ± HyperCoolTM. This combination make Your engine even in stress situational works cool and secure. Do you like or not, increase your ratio or not is fully up on You, ¬ but remember with every gallon of fuel consumption you pay your hard earned money to America´s natural born enemies. What it means some of us still understand, the others will soon get it figure out.