For all batteries

  • reduce fuel consumption in cars & motorbikes – upto 15%
  • improve engine power – upto 10%
  • make clear hi–fi sound
  • cooler aircon
  • much brighter spotlight
  • better PICK–UP
  • less lead waste!


    MagicWater TM for net zero

    our main car’s battery product!

    Storm’s "Magic Water" is an innovation brought about by 20 years of research and development. Headed by I n g o S t o r m, a native of Germany, Mr Storm has brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the rejuvenation of automobile batteries.

    Malaysians consume three million automobile batteries each year and each battery often has a life span of between 15 to 24 months. These batteries contribute to over 12 million kilograms of lead pollution per year. Lead is a serious contaminant which can cause neurological damage, renal disease, cardiovascular ailments and even reproductive problems.
    With the use of "Magic Water TM old automobile batteries can be rejuvenated giving them lengthened service life. MAGIC WATERTM rejuvenates batteries by desulfating the lead sulphate (PbSO4) which coats the plates making it difficult for it to conduct electricity. READ MORE ABOUT    The "Magic Water TM"      

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    magic water
    Magic Water — our main fuel saving product!


    Car batteries are a perishable item

    Based on environmental temperatures they will self discharge: — MORE HOT – FASTER DIScharging!

    Follow these easy steps for longer battery life:

    • Check electrolyte levels and be sure it is above the plates. Add water if necessary. Recharge battery after adding water. Do not over fill. Check levels every 30 days. MagicWater can protect the battery from this trouble, but better doublecheck it.
    • Charge the battery completely at room temperature only!
    • Disconnect battery cables.
      Clean cables and the battery’s terminals about every 3 months.
      Remove any accumulated deposits from the top of the battery.
    • Store in a dry, cool place. Dampness may cause corrosion of terminals. Batteries may be stored on concrete surface without harm.
      Self discharge is minimised at lower temperatures.
    • Check the battery’s voltage every month.
      If below 12.4V (volts) (6.2V for 6V batteries), recharge overnight.
    • Never leave batteries in a discharged condition, recharge at least once every 2 months — (before re–charge: discharge it then start slow–charge for 48 hours).