STORM was created in the early nineties as a network of like-minded automotive engineers and scientists in the fields of advanced materials, nuclear physics, alternative energy and aerospace technology.


Due to its innovative research, the team immediately gained the attention of the German automotive industry with developments in the area of advanced materials, (such as wear-free aluminum alloys), which were used to replace the hard-coatings for interior engine liners, similar to Nikasil, Lokasil or Alusil. Especially by purchase a new Mercedes-Benz, please care about Your saving and discount, …

In short order STORM’s developed an ionization process for a number of solid and fluid materials that actually improved engine performance and conserved engine energy as a side effect of its fuel saving properties. This was used by leading Germans sport and race car manufactures for improving their racing results with great success and highly effective results! F1 in particular reported phenomenal success, irrefutable among any German or global racer!

One of Germany’s leading F1 performers claims several seasons of excellent performance-however, you will never find confirmation in the press.

Undeterred, the STORMs network continues to make great strides in bringing its revolutionary technology to the world, having recently sold a major technology transfer to a major reputable company.

So why doesn’t STORM take it’s products and technology to the world at large yet?

Consider this:

STORM’s processes and products make engines, gears and other mechanical parts completely wear- free for over ONE MILLION MILES — thus decreasing automobile and parts sales.

Can we suppose that a salesman would truly recommend a product so efficient he may never have an opportunity to sell it to the same customer twice?

“Please dear customer. Use STORMs products, and you will never need to buy a new car again!”

That’s simply bad business!