The MagicWaterTM Concept

Market Potential

Several factors underpin the strong demand growth potential of high performance automotive products and services based on high-end research in fields of new advanced materials, like:

Because of the global warming phenomena
resulting in the rise in temperatures and sun radiation, higher risks of skin diseases (like cancer) from increased penetration of ultra-violet (UV) radiation from the sun. Follow by the new regulations of mostly industrial countries requiring energy conservation measures in buildings, automotive and industry. For example in Germany, a new regulation introduced in 1995, requires buildings to have a maximal level of energy savings. In rest of Europe, the governments implemented the demand for energy consumption and supports the products like UV— and IR–reflecting windows, which are recognized as "green products". Mostly luxury car models in Europe are integrating such technologies in car windscreens and windows. Worldwide, demand in the automobile industry alone is still now to be strongly super-numerous!

Multi–Billion US–Dollar Growing Market

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World–wide, the market potential is tremendous and unexpected high. New car registrations number million per year, adding to an existing car population of 100's millions. Annual production of windscreens glass is about 1000’s million square meters. Only about 5 to 8% of all glass are currently coated or UV/IR-protected.

The bulk of the production are ordinary unprotected float glass. The architectural and automotive after-market is estimated at 100’s million square feet or 10's million square meters per one year. It is known, that high performance clear solar shading would appeal to the high–end of the market which constitutes 6% to10% of the total units numbers. The market potential for our new high–end product at the retail level, is estimated to be US$100’s million annual.