We offer a service for every car, every kind of engine, with any kind of surface structure of the engine’s liners!

The best, what we can  offer now for any engine to run over 1 million kilometers is  PowerCoding process.

The PowerCoding is the solution and is already proven in F1 and by using on 100 thousands of cars!

The PowerCoding is suitable for all vehicles (brand new, high-end brands petrol/diesel, imported or just local produced) – turbo or normal cars, for both new and used cars, which has mileage more than 30, 50, 100 or 200K km.

If your vehicle is an AUDI, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or other high–end brand with full-aluminium engine, – then:

remember that the latest aluminium engines of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, LEXUS and Porsche’s are in absolutely high–end precision, but the performance last for maximum 100 miles limit. After that period the engines starts lost black oil and the compression drops. How to prevent it or even recover the reduced performing engine of Your used or brand new AUDI, new Mercedes-Benz, new BMW or latest Porsche here the solution. Call us using your brand new iPhone 12 Pro…

First of all remember still by purchasing the new BMW, AUDI, Porsche or Mercedes that you can save at least 10K to 20K US$ if You buy one “number” smaller engine. For example, don’t buy an 2500cc–engine, if you need XXX PS of the performing’ power.

Better you order a lover volume (cc) engine, and apply the latest technology available from high–tech companies to get You needed XXX+–PS.