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STORM’s RESEARCH together with “Storms Projects” USA have created a special fund to accept donations towards our so call “Magic Water” Program. Using STORM’s “MagicWater’s” concept in car electric system will save our environment and our Planet from being poison by not properly recycling car batteries.

Lead per year: 9,600,000 kg

Petrol liter p. year: 480,000,000 kg *

Oxygen per year 71,520,000,000 kg » 71.5 Million Ton of clean air!

The “Magic Water” is a result of a high tech development for the Formula One Application, which was developed in Germany 20 years by companies, like United Technology and STORM’s PROJECTS S/B, working together with company like Mercedes Benz, AUDI, PORSCHE and BMW. The result of this research was created a hyper-plasma technology to modify of any kind of materials especially Water, Aluminum, Lead and Steel. The most application of that was the changing of the inter-crystalline structure and the structure of the water clusters with an unique property, which we now use for the production of the innovative high-tech product, STORM’s “Magic Water”! Every dollar you donate will go towards this unique project. Let’s safe our Blue Planet together!