The STORM’s Team Key Players:

Ingo Storm  – The Brains : A professional researcher with a background in nuclear physics, Ingo storm has developed the process that allows automotive engines of any kind to reach well over 1 Million miles without wear. When applied to the F1 engines of a global German racer the effects were phenomenal.  The same process was used for years in the engines of another German sport car producer, with typically excellent results- the engines performed like showroom new under the most extreme conditions and for extended periods. This product, known as PowerCoding, when applied as instructed, promises the same result in any modern automotive engine. – STORM’s labs offers training in our product line’s usage to any local service station or affiliate for the benefit of their clientele.

Alex Ivecco  –  The Silent Italian : Alex holds a doctorate in chemistry and has over 25 years in fuel R&D, and has worked with the oil industry’s leading companies, before joining the STORM’s network. Alex became disillusioned and left the oil business when his superiors, interested only in profit, refused to implement one of his innovations in fuel processing, a technique for ionizing the hydro-carbon chains that improves fuel combustion by increasing efficiency as much by as two, even three times. This would lead to a fuel saving effect of up to 29% and in some cases even higher. During his tenure with, STORM’s Dr. Ivecco has developed a special highly ionized additive, only a few drops of which, when mixed into a full tank of gas, will then ionize the entire tank’s contents –diesel or petroleum- in just minutes. The ionized fuel then burns completely and produces 40-50% more combustion energy, saving fuel while completely cleaning the entire engine combustion chamber, with just a few uses of the product. This is the product called PowerCode.

Ben LemanThe Prophet : Before joining STORM’s, Ben was an interior designer.  He brings to the team his visionary concept of applying the ionization effects to exterior and interior materials. The amazing effect on the ionization process on a car’s paint, lacquer and on even windshield is astonishing!  This experimental concept, that ionized materials change not only the surface but also the materials itself, pays several dividends, such as conserving energy by decreasing aerodynamic air resistance. As a bonus, the product adds to your vehicle’s aesthetics, giving the paint job and other surfaces a sleek, showroom polish that lasts for miles.  This product is called CoolWater.  We at STORM’s are proud of Ben’s significant intellectual and environmental contributions and find him a pleasure to work with.

Ricky KimuraThe Samurai : Ricky brings to the STORM’s network his expert knowledge on applying the ionization process to automobile battery components such as electrodes and electrolytes of automobile batteries. The result is MagicWater.
A small quantity of Magic Water added to a battery’s fluid chambers (no need to change or remove anything from the battery) transforms the charge in the battery, making it in effect more “flexible”.  The electrolytes transport faster, and thus produce more power throughout the life of the battery—in addition to extending the life of the battery itself! All this is achieved with only one application! Ricky was a development engineer with an electronics firm before joining STORM’s in 1997. He is now the leader of our electronic applications development program.

Dr. Ulrich HartmannThe Professor : Ulrich joined the network in 1995 after seeing Ingo Storm’s presentation on the hyper-ionization technique, and promptly fell in love with the concept. Dr. Hartmann is a full time high school instructor of thermo-dynamics. After gaining access to the hyper-ionization techniques and equipment, Dr. Hartmann created a fluid that can be added to the coolant to accelerate the worm transfer, especially in the car radiator. The resulting product is known as HyperCool. It’s purpose is to help keep car engines cool in summer and warm in winter. Aside from science and physics, the professor relentlessly trains studies business and finance, thus taking the role of the perfect partner to discuss the topic of investment opportunities with STORM’s various activities and companies. If you consider starting a business using STORM’s techniques and systems, you will have total access to “The Professor“ for full support. He will be available to talk with you at your convenience.


In addition to these key personalities, there are over 200 professionals around the world who are a part of the STORM’s network, creating solutions for fuel conservation and other ways to protect Mother Earth. We always welcome free thinkers and interested parties, who share our goals. To become a part of our team simply drop us a line telling us about yourself and how you would like to participate.  We will reply for details. We would especially like to extend our invitation to engineers and management personnel from energy, oil and gas companies, and anyone working in the automotive, transportation and other related industries to unite with us in creating a better smarter energy future.
If you are an unconventional-thinking and responsible investment and/or banking professional, and you’re ready to do something meaningful and profitable on a global scale—we want to hear from you!

Celebrities, entertainers and politicians who share our concern about the problem of global warming and other environmental issues-we have need of your help and your voice!

Entrepreneurs, if you are searching for the right business venture and a way to propel the world toward a more energy-efficient future, we have opportunities for distribution, production and implementation of our products and services waiting for your boldness and enthusiasm! Get in on the ground floor of this new wave of fuel and energy concepts and techniques! Next generation alternative fuels that are far more efficient than the so-called bio-diesel are soon to come into worldwide use, and are just waiting to be introduced to an eager and growingly conscientious public. We are already active and growing in every market of the world; it’s only a matter of time.

Remember: who else but you can make this happen?