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Hyper-ionizing is an advanced energy compressing method, number 1 among engine and gear wear protection. Additionally, the engine of a middle size volume (2L) car wastes up to 600 liters of fuel for each 50 000 km; trucks' engines waste up to 2 000 liters of diesel fuel for 100 000 km! Stop that fuel waisting and save the environment! Purchase your new AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, BMW or latest Porsche with a huge discount!

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  • My favorite thing about working with Storm's Research Labs is the fact that they always explain every client a lot of things. For all problems with our cars that there is someone who is a brilliant engineer or even a brilliant sientist, who we can solve a problem, and then teach us how to solve it in the future or how to prevent it. That's really important for us!

    Paul Rayne, CEO

  • I love that you're telling the truth without afraiding anything. I love that with your technologies my car can run a million of kilometers without problems. To me, you opened the greatest solution ever.

    John Mesh