Power Code (Fuel Booster) is a unique fuel saving product for every kind of fuel: diesel, gasoline/petrol, and all bio-diesels. This makes your engine stay cleaner and produces energy in the same quantity as the fuel itself, saving up to 30%(depends on your driving style) of the fuel’s consumption while driving.

Power Code hyper-ionized fuel has yet another unique property – it cleans the entire engine From inside; starting with spark- plugs to the exhaust gas catalyst, lengthening its life spans. Even a nearly “dead” catalyst is renewed, beginning a “second life” and becoming more active in Cleaning unburned exhaust gases, resulting in an absolutely clean state!

Benefits of Power Code:

  1. Protection against impure and lower quality fuels.
  2. Great savings in fuel consumption, up to 30 % (15% - stable) (conditions apply)
  3. Incredibly increase the engine power!
  4. Can be used in all kinds of vehicles: truck, car, motorcycle, etc.
  5. Increase the lifespan of the engine, Averagely 2-3 times or even more.
  6.  Give it a 2nd LIFE! to catalyst and (or) fuel pump!
  7. Boost the combustion power to a higher level!
  8.  Applicable for all engines also in combination with other fuel saving techniques.

How to use Power Code:

  1. Jerk/Shake the Power Code Bottle for minimum 2 minutes.
  2. Take the fuel nozzle/piston in your hand before refill your cars/bikes fuel tank.
  3. Spray/Click 15-17 times into the fuel Nozzle/Piston from the Power Code bottle. For Motor Bike: 4 liter---2 click and 10 liter---5 click. (You can also click/spray directly in your fuel tanker but for faster effect follow this).
  4. Please remember for less than 50 Liter fuel you need only 15-17 clicks (15-17 times spray) and for motor bike 4 liter fuel---2 clicks and 10 liter fuel---5 clicks. So don’t click more than that.
  5. After that refill your cars/bikes fuel tanker so that it mixes up with fuel.
  6. You can use it for diesel, gasoline/petrol, and all biodiesels.
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Price: $45.75

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